Where should we get our listing signs printed?

Our preferred Vendor is Oakley Signs. They  offer Real Broker agents a discount.RLTR25 and if that doesn’t work, you can email keithoakleysign@gmail.comHere is the website: https://www.oakleysign.com/realbroker/ Where should we get our listing signs printed?

Can I design my own business card?

If you are on the 4k Team, then you are required to use one of the provided templates in our marketing suite for your business cards!**Please note, we will provide the premade templates for your business cards, listing signs, and “meet your realtor” within a few weeks of you joining the team! If you are […]

What is the ProShop?

Our ProShop is a central hub where our team can order a wide range of custom printed products using our company’s branding and designs. For example, pre-made templates for Open Houses are already in our design center — all you have to select the quantity you’d like to order, then it will lead you to […]

Can I edit my subdomain landing page on Ylopo?

In short — no. The subdomain pages are controlled and set up by the Ylopo team, and we do not have any access to make changes from our end. Hopefully in the future this will change because the marketing department would much prefer that option!

Where can I order my business cards?

We leave it up to the agents to decide where they would like to purchase their business cards from! Here are some recommended sites for getting them printed: Zazzle.com – https://www.zazzle.com/create_your_own_standard_business_card-240790497044872895 Our Brand Realty ProShop – https://thebrandrealtyteam.ourproshop.com/ *you have to create a login with your brand realty email to access!Canva.comVistaprint.comMoo.com