A Recession Doesn’t Equal a Housing Crisis

Experts are predicting a potential recession on the horizon, which may lead some to worry about buying or selling a house. However, historical data shows that a recession doesn’t always mean falling home prices. In fact, home prices have appreciated in four of the last six recessions dating back to 1980. The 2008 housing crisis was an outlier due to a surplus of homes for sale at the same time as distressed properties flooded the market. In contrast, today’s housing market has a low supply of homes for sale, so while there may be slight price declines in some areas, a crash is unlikely. A recession typically means falling mortgage rates, which creates more opportunity for homebuyers. Overall, experts predict any recession will be mild and short, and there’s no need to fear what it means for the housing market.

An Expert Gives You Clarity in Today’s Housing Market

The housing market has been going through shifts lately. That’s why it’s so important to work with an industry professional who can be your guide throughout the process. A real estate expert uses their knowledge of what’s really happening with home prices, housing supply, expert projections, and more to give you the best advice. Someone […]