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  • REAL uses reZEN for transaction management and offers a webinar to learn more.
  • Hire a transaction coordinator on a cost-per-file basis for listing and transaction coordination.
    • TC Services cost between $400-$600 per file.
    • The Brand Agents – we have in-house TCs available.
  • In-house transaction coordinators are reZEN experts and are available for help. Contact tc@thebrandrealty.com and cc keeli@thebrandrealty.com for assistance.
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Here you can access the Real Academy Calendar and live training events. For 24/7 self-training, you may access our class and mastermind group discussion replays on-demand in the Knowledge Library.

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Build your business by harnessing the power of referrals! Share your buyer and seller referrals with Real agents across the country.

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This is a social group for all staff, brokers, and agents to connect and post freely!

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This is a group for brokers and agents in your state. Introduce yourself, learn something new, and make a few friends! Members of this group will also have access to state-specific resources in the “Learning” section. 

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This group is where you can share what works for you and request new items.

Tech Partnerships

Take advantage of the partnerships we have with some of the leading tech companies in the real estate industry.

  • REAL offers a Lofty site and CRM for $40/month
    • A single-user Lofty account typically costs $400+ per month
  • To subscribe, go to your app profile and scroll down to Lofty
  • We recommend branding your domain name instead of a location
  • You can enhance your Lofty site with Hatch Messaging for $50/month (usually $299/mo)

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Build Revenue Share

Revenue share
A Game-Changing Revenue Sharing Plan For Real Estate Leaders

Becoming an agent attractor at Real is a powerful and easy way for experienced real estate agents, brokers, and coaches to earn a share of revenue generated by the agents you introduce to Real.

REAL Broker has a 5 tier revenue share model where they pay the sponsoring agent up to $4,000 a year for an agent they directly attract to the company. The agents you directly attract would be considered in your “tier 1” and any agent that your tier 1 agents then go on and attract to the company would be considered in your “tier 2” and you would also receive up to $3,2000 a year for them. If your tier 2 agents attract new agents to the company, they would be considered in your “tier 3” and you would receive $2,400 a year for those agents. If your tier 3 agents attract other agents to the company, they will be in your “tier 4” and you will receive $1,600 a year from them and if theygo on to attract another agent to REAL, that agent will be placed in your “tier 5” and you will receive up to $800 a year in revenue share from them as well.

Your tier 1 benefits and revenue share is immediately unlocked but in order to unlock the revenue share benefits of all 5 tiers, you need to attract a certain number of agents to your tier 1 position. In order to unlock the benefits of your tier 2, you need to have at least 10 producing agents in your tier 1, to unlock your tier 3 benefits you need at least 15 producing agents in your tier 1, to unlock your tier 4 benefits you need at least 20 producing agents in your tier 1, to unlock your tier 5 benefits you need at least 25 producing agents in your tier 1.

REAL Broker defines a “producing agent” as an agent who has contributed at least $450 in company dollars in the previous 6 months. So as long as they close at least 1 deal or even just one referral that leads to them giving REAL $450 or more, they are considered a “producing agent”.

In order to get credit for an agent in your tier 1, they need to list you as their “sponsoring agent” when they sign their Independent Contractor Agreement and join REAL.

The revenue share amounts where determined by a simple 5%, 4%, 3%, 2%, 1% model. Revenue share is taken out of the $12,000 cap each agent pays to REAL Broker a year. They pay this with an 85/15 split which means 15% of each commission is paid to REAL until they pay their full $12,000 cap and then the agent keeps 100% of their commission. Within that 15% paid to REAL, 5% of the commission goes to their tier 1 sponsor, 4% goes to your tier 2 sponsor, 3% goes to your tier 3 sponsor, 2% goes to your tier 4 sponsor and 1% goes to your tier 5 sponsor.

A common question with this model is “What happens if an agent in your downline laves the company?” in that situation, REAL would assume their tier in your downline and you would continue to receive revenue share on the agent beneath them, assuming you unlocked those benefits. For example, let’s say an agent in your tier 1 position attracts several agents to the company and your tier 3, 4, 5 are filled beneath them. If that initial agent in your tier 2 leaves REAL, you still receive revenue share on the agents in your tiers 3, 4, and 5 that they were responsible for attracting to the company.

  1. When a new agent comes into the company, at REAL they have up to 5 agents in their upline who are financially incentivized to help that new agent get adjusted to the company and be successful at REAL. Personally when I attract a new agent to my tier 1, I always hop on a Zoom call with them and give them an overview of how to use the different programs, where to find resources, and answer any of their questions. I don’t receive any revenue share on them unless they are successful and close deals so there is a financial incentive for me to help them in any way I can. Now, I’m a nice guy and would probably do that for many agents anyway, even not in my downline, but we all know that “every time you say yes to something, you are saying no to something else“. So with this revenue share model, it makes it far easier for me to say “yes” to giving 1-on-1 attention to the agents in my downline.
  2. Agents are provided with the opportunity for an additional stream of income as real estate agents through revenue share. Even if you just had a few people in your downline, that can provide additional income coming in which will help take the pressure off of a lot of real estate agents’ businesses. Many agents set the goal of getting at least 3 producing agents in their tier 1.  By doing this, you are essentially paying for your cap through revenue share and essentially keeping 100% of your commission.
  3. Revenue share incentivizes a culture of helping, sharing knowledge, and collaboration. A lot of real estate companies talk about their “culture” but when you really evaluate what they are doing to implement and encourage that culture, it’s usually pretty lackluster. Maybe they will have a poster in their conference room with their core values on it, maybe they will make a Facebook video once in a while talking about culture…and that’s about it. REAL Broker has actually integrated financial incentives into its business model to encourage the type of culture they want to see. Through REAL Brokers stock program and revenue share program, the agents here have a financial incentive to share their knowledge, collaborate with one another, and help each other out in any way they can because as the saying goes “a rising tide lifts all boats“. When the agents in our downline succeed, we succeed, AND because so many of us own stock in the company, even when agents not in our downlines succeed, we all succeed.
  • You can contribute up to $15,000 yearly from your commissions to REAL stock.
  • You can contribute 5% before you cap and then 10% once you have capped until you hit the $15,000
  • One year later, REAL gives you $8000 in a stock match with a one-year vest.
  • Pay the $4000 or $12,000 in Cap fees (85/15 split until Cap is hit)
  • Pay the $6,000 in transaction fees ($285 per file) OR sell $500,000 in GCI, and you have earned the elite status
    • This pays you $16,000 in a stock grant
    • This has a three-year vesting period
  • REAL corporate will reach out to have you teach a class in the REAL university each month to contribute back to the culture
    • You can then earn another $8,000 in a stock grant
    • This also has a three-year vesting period