The Brand Realty Mentorship Program

As a brand-new Real Estate agent, it’s important that you have an experienced Realtor to help you get your business started and stay in compliance! There’s a lot more to selling property than what you’ve learned in Real Estate school, which is why we require that our agents hire a Mentor! 

The Brand Realty Mentors are well-qualified + excited to help you get started in your new Real Estate career!

Our mentors have been selling Real Estate at The Brand Realty for at least a year, and have been licensed for at least three years. Many of our mentors have been active Realtors for a decade or two, and some of them started their career as a Mentee matter how long they’ve been selling property, the one thing they all have in common is their passion for taking care of their clients!

General Responsibilities: 

  • Supports Mentees in integrating into TBR systems, procedures, and culture
  • Provides mentees with constructive feedback and assists them with solving client obstacles
  • Provides reasonable availability (via phone calls, texts, Slack) to assist Mentees with transactional questions and offer creation and submission
  • Supports Mentees in contract negotiations
  • Provides opportunities to shadow Mentor and/or other experienced TBR agents
  • Actively shares, encourages, and demonstrates the use of best practices (i.e., NHD Reports, Preliminary Reports, SPQ, AVID, etc.)
  • Actively participates in the #MentorLeadership Slack channel

General Expectations:

  • Mentor is responsible for explaining the thought process behind each step of the process, not merely modeling behaviors. (Remember, we want them to be able to stand on their own, which requires “thinking” skills) 
  • Mentor will schedule at least one (1) weekly 1:1 meeting with each Mentee to discuss a weekly plan of action. The action plan should include interactive sharing of information on how to generate leads, conduct follow-up, and practical support on writing contracts and making offers.
  • Mentor will allow Mentee to shadow listing & buyer appointments, open houses, or other appointments as needed.
  • Mentor will host group huddles and/or group training for all Mentees as needed if mentoring more than one Mentee.
  • Mentor will make necessary arrangements for another qualified mentor to cover work while not available (i.e., vacations, illness, etc.) To be approved by the Director of Agent Success.

And, most importantly, in exchange for a negotiable commission split from your first few deals, your Mentor is going to share their personal tips, habits and best practices for developing a healthy life/work balance as you create the career you’ve been dreaming about!

Mike & Jenn Edwards

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Steve Bryie

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Gary Brusch

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George Fillippis

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Rene McGonigle

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